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Students are welcome to download GIS datasets and maps, and to use our online mapping tool, MapSyracuse, for their independent research and class projects. Use the search tools on the Maps, Data & Profiles page.

Contribute maps and data

Students can help to build the SCG spatial data repository by contributing local GIS datasets and maps. Contributed datasets and maps will be used by community partners and students alike to advance geographic research. Visit the Maps, Data & Profiles page to learn more.

Other GIS Resources

We have compiled a list of websites which host a variety of GIS resources, ranging from free online GIS instruction and software to GIS career databases. Click here to see the list.

Get Involved


Undergraduate students interested in community development, urban planning or social justice are encouraged to apply for the Community Geography Internship Program. Interns support a diverse set of community-based research projects. Students from any university or major are invited to apply, although Geography majors with GIS experience are given preference. Most interns are eligible for course or experience credit and a few paid internships are available. More information is available here. Interested students should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form


SCG offers several courses open to graduate and undergraduate students. These courses include:

  • GEO 300: Urban Social Justice
  • GEO 300: Countermapping
  • GEO 484/684: Urban GIS
  • GEO 485/685: Community Geography
    Theory and Practice
  • GEO 489/689: Community Geography
  • GEO 600: Participatory Research Methods


SCG projects benefit from the assistance of community and university volunteers. Whether you are a high school or university student, a community activist, or a retiree, you can share your expertise. Skills that are particularly helpful to SCG include GIS, cartography, GPS, Google Maps, photography, journalism, web design, and data analysis. Students interested in fulfilling service learning requirements or internship hours for a course should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form

Student Profiles

  • Nathalie Melo

    Nathalie Melo

    I am a junior double-majoring in Policy Studies & Health Humanities with a minor in Biology. In Fall 2021, I worked with SCG to finalize an eviction dataset for Syracuse. Spring 2022 I hope to use our data to look at patterns among landlords and properties, as well as begin to better understand the relationships […]

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  • Nidaa Aljabbarin

    Nidaa Aljabbarin

    I am a senior majoring in Biology. I am very interested in learning about food access among new Americans, and food access barriers. In 2016, my family and I arrived at the U.S, and we struggled at the beginning to find cultured food, so I really want to help limit the barriers to access cultured […]

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  • Lauren Ashby

    Lauren Ashby

    I am a Masters student in Geography and the Environment and the Graduate Research Assistant in Community Geography for the 2021- 2022 academic year. My own research is situated between the areas of community geography and critical geographies of education as I aim to use participatory methodologies to do work around issues of segregation, space, […]

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  • Julia Asano

    Julia Asano

    I am a senior International Relations and Geography major anticipating to graduate in Fall 2021. After graduation, I hope to continue into graduate school in the field of Urban Planning. I am interested in working in the equity side of planning and preventing development plans from gentrifying existing communities. I also hope to one day […]

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  • Jackson Zimmerman

    Jackson Zimmerman

    I am a junior Geography and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy major with a focus on Environmental Systems and Landscape Dynamics. This fall I am working with SCG to update and maintain local trail maps. Additionally I am working with Professor Timur Hammond as a part of the New York Redistricting project. After graduation, I hope […]

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  • Isabella Brown

    Isabella Brown

    I am a sophomore Policy Studies major. Over the summer, I worked as an intern for Victims’ Intervention Program, a services and counseling center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. There I learned more about how barriers such as a lack of public transportation and low economic opportunity were connected to our rural […]

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  • Angus Armstrong

    Angus Armstrong

    I am a Senior in the InclusiveU Program at Syracuse University. I am working with Syracuse Community Geography this semester because I care about the environment. I am passionate about making sure that the earth is a safe place, preventing future natural disasters, and understanding how old the earth is. My favorite area of study […]

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  • Alexa Neely

    Alexa Neely

    I am a senior Policy Studies and Citizenship & Civic Engagement major with a minor in Food Studies. I am passionate about understanding foodways and learning about barriers to food access. In the Spring of 2021, I conducted my Civic Engagement Research Seminar in Food Access for Refugees and New Americans. In the Fall of […]

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  • Alex McRoberts

    Alex McRoberts

    I am a senior planning to graduate in Fall 2021 and double-majoring in Geography and International Relations, with concentrations in Europe and the International Political Economy. Last spring, I participated in an urban studies program in Copenhagen, Denmark. This summer, I worked with SCG teaching middle schoolers at Northside Learning Center and starting the New […]

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  • Adiba Alam

    Adiba Alam

    I am a senior majoring in International Relations and Citizenship & Civic Engagement. I am interested in food equity and sustainability, community development, and advocacy. During this summer I had the opportunity to begin working on SCG’s New American Foodways project teaching middle school students about food environments and systems. This semester, we are continuing […]

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  • Jamie Fico

    Jamie Fico

    I am the Graduate Research Assistant for the Community Geography Program for the 2020-2021 year. I am a first year MA student in the Geography Department at Syracuse studying agriculture, community resiliency and local environmental decision-making. I have a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Global Security and Justice from the University of Virginia. I […]

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  • Eddie Rosen

    Eddie Rosen

    I am a senior at Syracuse. I am a Geography major and am double minoring in Religion and Spanish. I’m interested in geography because it affects the way that people live their lives everyday. These effects are uneven however, and SCG really allows us to work with these issues. I began working on the Tug […]

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  • Joey DiStefano

    Joey DiStefano

    I’m a Masters student in the Geography Department here at Syracuse University. I’m working with Dr. Peng Gao on a historical GIS project of the Onondaga Creek watershed using fluvial geomorphology, geospacial methods, and urban water systems. I have a BS in Environmental Engineering from SU and a Masters of Education from Rhode Island College. […]

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  • Jamie Bowler

    Jamie Bowler

    I am a senior studying Geography & ESP (Environment, Sustainability, and Policy) with a minor in Spanish. I am passionate about environment/society relationships and I love learning about how our habits and lifestyles impact the planet we live on (and how we can improve!). Through this experience I am excited to contribute to pressing issues […]

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  • Dylan Buck

    Dylan Buck

    I am a senior majoring in Geography and minoring in Anthropology and Spanish. I am interested in investigating social and political issues in our community through the lens of space. I am hoping to get hands on experience using GIS software and conducting research to find solutions that empower and benefit those around us. Geography […]

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  • Yarijel Melendez (Yari)

    Yarijel Melendez (Yari)

    I am a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Geography and Environmental and Societal studies. My academic concentration is global governance and foreign policy and I believe this program will provide me with practical experience that will help me become the political geographer I aspire to be. Therefore, I’m looking forward to the […]

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  • Cristian Toellner

    Cristian Toellner

    I am a senior studying geography and interested in pursuing graduate school for planning and sustainability. Community Geography offers a reflexivity and pragmatist framework which will teach me to deconstruct the taken-for-granted production of spaces and knowledge. I embrace working with community partners since I want my work to mean more than just a grade, […]

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  • Dongyong Wei (Kingston)

    Dongyong Wei (Kingston)

    I am a senior majoring in Geography and History. I joined SCG in Fall 2019 and decided to continue this semester. What makes SCG fascinating is the group’s efforts in multiple community-based projects such as affordable housing around Syracuse and Central New York, which are beneficial to our local community. Through this program, I have […]

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  • Simone Burns

    Simone Burns

    A proud Floridian from Miami, I am a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in geography. I am expected to graduate in May 2019 and throughout this year, I look forward to exploring the geospatial and historical relationships within the Syracuse community. I aspire to grow and utilize my GIS skills to merge […]

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  • Scotti Koskinen

    Scotti Koskinen

    I am Scotti Koskinen and I’m a senior geography major and environment and society minor. I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota and have always had a love for studying and understanding our relationship with the environment. Initially a biology major, I switched over to geography because I realized I was more interested in the relationship between […]

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  • Samantha Sanchez

    Samantha Sanchez

    My name is Samantha Sanchez and I am a senior majoring in Geography and Citizenship & Civic Engagement. I became interested with Syracuse Community Geography (SCG) because of the intersectional research work within community projects by taking the Community Geography class. From my class experience, I noticed that SCG emphasized the importance of community building […]

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  • William Peter Ford

    William Peter Ford

    Hello, my name is William Peter Ford. I am a senior Geography major at Syracuse University. I first learned about Syracuse Community Geography through one of my professors and was immediately interested.. With this internship, I hope to expand my knowledge of the surrounding Syracuse area and improve my GIS and spatial analysis skills. After […]

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  • Thandar Zone

    Thandar Zone

    I’m a senior pursuing a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Geography. I’m interested in studying socioeconomic trends that occur in specific communities and analyzing related geospatial data to find causation. My studies are mostly concentrated on global cities and international trade patterns. The SCG internship was recommended to me by Dr. Winders due […]

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  • Naomi Nelson

    Naomi Nelson

    I am a senior majoring in Geography minoring in Food Studies, and expected to graduate December 2018. I like to study the intersection of Urban Geography and Food Access and plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban Planning after graduation. I was recommended to apply for the SCG internship by Dr. Read because I […]

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  • Garrett Boland

    Garrett Boland

    I am a senior undergraduate in geography with a minor in architecture, I expect to graduate in May 2019, and I am interested in outdoor recreation management and urban planning related to creating urban green spaces. I first heard of Syracuse Community Geography through fellow geography students in the internship program, and was immediately interested […]

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  • Kristopher Walton

    Kristopher Walton

    My name is Kristopher Walton and I am a first year graduate student in Geography. I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography from Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, IL. I did undergraduate research on issues of Food Insecurity and Food Access in Chicago. Being from Chicago and growing up in a food insecure community was […]

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  • Anthony Walker

    Anthony Walker

    I am a first year graduate student in Geography interested in developing research that is geared toward addressing real-world issues using critical geographic analysis. I received my undergraduate degree in Geography from Vassar College. My undergraduate research was on the effects of food insecurity on residents in the City of Poughkeepsie (where Vassar College is […]

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  • Jacob Landis

    Jacob Landis

    My name is Jacob Landis and I am a senior Geography major with an expected graduation date of May 2018. My interest in Community Geography lies with my drive to improve business and government on the local level. Upon graduating, I am hoping to secure a position in which I can work directly with members […]

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  • Andrew J. Paladino

    Andrew J. Paladino

    Hello, my name is Andrew J. Paladino. I am senior at Syracuse University majoring in Geography and minoring in Public Communication Studies with an expected graduation date of May 2018. I think it is important to understand the community from a geographic lens because space dictates almost everything. The reason that humans are who they […]

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  • Maxine Simone Williams

    Maxine Simone Williams

    I’m a senior studying Television/Radio/Film and Geography. I’m an aspiring video storyteller with a passion for environmental and social justice issues. After graduation I plan to produce video content that will inform and excite audiences about the world we live in. I’m excited to be a part of the Community Geography program where I look […]

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  • Rebecca Shays

    Rebecca Shays

    My name is Rebecca Ruggieri Shays. I am currently a senior at Syracuse University majoring in Geography with a minor in Music History and Cultures. I am expected to graduate in May 2018 and am looking to work in fields surrounding urban city planning and community development through both a local and human geographical lens. […]

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  • Madeline Gould

    Madeline Gould

    I am currently a Sophomore at SU, pursuing a degree in Earth Science and minors in Environment and Society and Education Studies. I have also been thinking about adding a double major in Geography. When I heard about Syracuse Community Geography through Professor Robert M. Wilson, a professor in the Geography Department, I was intrigued […]

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  • Gabby Mednick

    Gabby Mednick

    I am a senior International Relations and Citizenship & Civic Engagement major and am interested in food justice issues relating to food access and food waste. I am also interested in the intersection between art and activism and the ways in which photography can be used to document the human condition and ecological issues. I […]

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  • Joe Catanzarita

    Joe Catanzarita

    Hello! My name is Joe Catanzarita and I’m a senior majoring in Geography and minoring in Environment and Society and Psychology, expected to graduate in May 2017. I head about SCG through my fellow Geography classmates and advisor; all of whom strongly recommended the program. Once I heard about this program and it’s ties with […]

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  • Cassandra Schmitt

    Cassandra Schmitt

    I am a junior undergraduate majoring in political science and citizenship and civic engagement, with a minor in applied statistics. In January of 2016 I was offered to come aboard as an intern with the City of Syracuse Innovation Team. The team was made up of five members including Assistant Professor and Director of SCG […]

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  • Eduardo Nuñez-Amador

    Eduardo Nuñez-Amador

    I am Senior majoring in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a minor in Information Management and Technology. I first heard about Syracuse Community Geography from my advisor, Jane Read. I am interested in how the program merges community engagement and spatial analysis to identify and find solutions for areas of […]

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  • Thomas Morley

    Thomas Morley

    I am a Senior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Geography and Political Science. I first heard about Syracuse Community Geography from my peers and classmates, as many of them had great experiences with the organization. SCG is provides an opportunity to work within my interest areas and hone GIS, communication, and […]

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  • Jessica Engs

    Jessica Engs

    I am a senior at Syracuse University studying Television/Radio/Film with a minor in geography. I am interested in incorporating sustainable practices into our communities and the impact climate change has on coastal environments. Growing up in Los Angeles has also made me very passionate about oceans and beach cleanliness. I heard about the internship opportunity […]

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  • Chante Williams

    Chante Williams

    I am a senior in the Geography program here at SU. Throughout the years, public advocacy has been my passion. While I initially intended to go into the criminal justice field to be able to give closure to families who have been affected by violent crime, my love of nature and environmental conservation won out […]

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  • Taylor Pasquariello

    Taylor Pasquariello

    I first heard of Syracuse Community Geography through the Public Affairs Department in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. My major, Policy Studies, focuses heavily on the importance of data organization and analysis, which is why getting involved with SCG seemed like a great opportunity for me to enhance those particular skills. Further, I believe […]

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  • Rachelle Berry

    Rachelle Berry

    I’m a first year graduate student in the Geography program. I received my undergraduate degree in gender studies and sociology from California Polytechnic State University. My graduate research interests are in food systems, sustainable development, and participatory GIS. After finishing my bachelor’s degree I worked as the Sustainability Coordinator at Northern Arizona University on renewable […]

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  • Jane Mulcahy

    Jane Mulcahy

    I am a first year Masters student in the geography department and have just begun my graduate assistantship with the Syracuse Community Geography program. I first learned about the SCG program as an undergraduate geography student here at Syracuse University. After I graduated in 2010, I worked in a variety of capacities including promoting geography […]

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  • Elisia Gonzalez

    Elisia Gonzalez

    I am a senior geography major and sociology minor who grew up in the impoverished Southside community of Syracuse. Seeing the juxtaposition of deep impoverished communities next to upper-middle income communities is shocking and something I want to investigate. In addition, I have lived in food deserts in the Southside for almost 17 years. My […]

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  • Erika Opgenorth

    Erika Opgenorth

    I first heard of Syracuse Community Geography when I took GEO 485/685, the Community Geography class. I loved how the class focused on how community based projects can benefit every member of the community. While taking the Community Geography class, I worked on a project with the Onondaga Historical Association researching the history of beer […]

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  • Leilani Konrad

    Leilani Konrad

    I am a junior in the Geography program with a special interest in environmental geography. I find it very important to understand how humans impact the environment and how the environment impacts us. My advisor and GIS professor, Jane Read introduced me to SCG. As a new transfer to Geography, she suggested SCG as a […]

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  • William Cecio

    William Cecio

    I am a junior at Syracuse University majoring in Food Studies with an Environment & Society minor. I am interested in food justice issues of access, labor, race, and economic inequality including their relationship with agriculture, and environmental sustainability. After working as a research assistant for Professors Evan Weissman and Jonnell Robinson, they introduced me […]

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  • Emily Barrett

    Emily Barrett

    Mark Monmonier introduced me to the Syracuse Community Geography program after taking his cartographic design course. As a senior anthropology and geography major, I am excited to discover that the SCG program enables students like myself to apply skills learned in the classroom, while also promoting engagement with the local community. Also, I am excited […]

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  • Jacob Scott

    Jacob Scott

    I am currently a senior with dual majors in Geography and Energy & Its Impacts with a minor in Political Science. My interests are in the physical environment, environmental justice, and studying human impacts via GIS and Remote Sensing. The SCG program has allowed me to work within my interest areas, given me invaluable GIS […]

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  • Abigail Feikes

    Abigail Feikes

    I am a senior with dual majors in Geography and Energy & Its Impacts. After learning about the different opportunities and services SCG provides to the local community I became interested in joining the team. My work in geography focuses on water, resource management, and GIS. I conducted projects digitizing sewer plans and after graduation […]

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  • Andrew Barrows

    Andrew Barrows

    I joined Syracuse Community Geography during the spring of my senior year at SU as an intern through my Public Affairs (PAF) Government/Not-for-Profit Internship class. I desired an internship that would both allow me to enhance my developing GIS skills as well as provide me the opportunity to closely interact with Syracusans in various community-based […]

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  • Kelsey May

    Kelsey May

    After learning about SCG from several of my professors in the Public Affairs Program, I began my work with the program as an intern in Spring 2015. SCG presented itself to me as a way to get more involved in the Syracuse community while simultaneously expanding my own skills in activist research and GIS and […]

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  • Shannon Hazlitt

    Shannon Hazlitt

    I officially started working with Syracuse Community Geography in Fall of 2014 and although I am only minoring in geography as an aspiring environmental journalist, I’m from an Upstate New York farm family so I’ve always appreciated people’s connection to the land. Through this internship I also hope to learn more about community and environment […]

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  • Shaye Weldon

    Shaye Weldon

    I discovered SCG through Dr. Tom Perreault, who advised me to pursue an internship with the organization. After reading about the community based projects that SCG has conducted, I knew that I wanted to get directly involved with the Syracuse community. Throughout my time as an intern I have worked on multiple projects. I researched […]

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  • Ly Ho

    Ly Ho

    I first learned about SCG through taking Jonnell Robinson’s Community GIS course in the fall of 2013. I have always been fascinated by the way people develop spatial relationships to the environment, particularly how public policy influences the way people interact with their environment on a local level. I believe enacting social change is best […]

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  • John Marino

    John Marino

    With interests in urban and environmental planning, I was drawn to Syracuse Community Geography (SCG) when SCG was discussed in GEO 500 (Urban and Regional Planning). Since geospatial analysis can generate new insight and perspectives into complex issues, I thought that SCG was an ideal fusion of academic Geography with critical issues in Central New […]

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  • Chiara Klein

    Chiara Klein

    SCG initially presented itself to me as a flexible, creative way to fulfill requirements within my minor, but has since evolved to be a distinctive opportunity to combine my interests and skills in ways that matter to me and to the broader community. Geography as a discipline, and especially community geography, was largely unfamiliar to […]

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  • Rose Tardiff

    Rose Tardiff

    I joined Syracuse Community Geography as an intern in the Spring of 2014, after taking GEO 400: Community GIS with Jonnell Robinson. Interested in farming and food systems, I was excited by the idea of working closely with Syracuse Grows, a grassroots, non-profit working to leverage resources for, and advocate on behalf of, community gardens […]

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  • Andrew Frasier

    Andrew Frasier

    I first learned about SCG while taking Jonnell’s Community Geography class in the spring of 2013. This was my first class in which I was able to work directly with a community partner on a project. I was excited to team up with the City of Syracuse and help map housing tenure, residential vacancy, and […]

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  • Nina Page

    Nina Page

    I learned about Syracuse Community Geography (SCG) through my undergraduate advisor after expressing interest in seeing what a job in geography looked like. As an intern for SCG I worked on a number of projects from mapping to event planning, all of which gave me first-hand experience in a real-word workplace. These experiences allowed me […]

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  • Avery Hartmans

    Avery Hartmans

    I joined Syracuse Community Geography in January 2014. Unlike many other SCG interns, I didn’t come from a geography background — unless winning the National Geographic Bee at my elementary school counts for something. Instead, I joined the team as a social media and public relations intern responsible for launching SCG’s social presence. SCG afforded […]

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  • Kristin Sakaguchi

    Kristin Sakaguchi

    I first learned about Syracuse Community Geography through the Geography department during my senior year, and was interested in the internship because it offered opportunities to work with the community. For over a year, I worked on a variety of projects including the Alcohol Outlet Density study in Madison County, planning and facilitating a 4-day […]

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  • William Miles

    William Miles

    I had just graduated from SUNY Geneseo and was fortunate enough to learn of this internship via Heidi Holtz of the Gifford Foundation. SCG reflected the varying utility and value of using geography as a problem-identifier/solution-finder. Moreover, I was interested in improving my GIS skills and exploring what the field of geography had to offer. […]

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  • Rob Magliaro

    Rob Magliaro

    I came to SCG as a Leadership Intern at the Center for Public and Community Service (CPCS). I was placed on the Steering Committee and as a student representative had the opportunity to help and see SCG grow from the beginning. I quickly spent most of my time working with SCG, learning GIS, and working […]

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  • Megan Cogburn

    Megan Cogburn

    As a geography and political science major, I wanted to gain internship experience to help build my resume for graduate school. My former geography advisor once told me that being skilled in using Geographic Information Systems would make me more marketable to prospective employers and set me apart from my peers (in hindsight, this was […]

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  • Amory Hillengas

    Amory Hillengas

    I learned about SCG by interviewing Jonnell (the Community Geographer) for my senior thesis in which I mapped the Syracuse Food Desert. It was a perfect match with my interests in GIS and social justice. One of my favorite projects was creating a community garden parcel candidate map. This map provided a planning tool that […]

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  • Sean Keefe

    Sean Keefe

    I joined Syracuse Community Geography in the summer of 2012 as an intern working with Jonnell Robinson.  That summer the work took me out of the office and into the Syracuse community.  I traveled to neighborhoods to meet with community members, collected data, and applied my education to the world around me.  As an intern, […]

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  • Bethany Eberle

    Bethany Eberle

    While completing my B.A. in Geography, I sought to better understand what it meant to be a practicing geographer. Through an internship with Syracuse Community Geography (SCG) I gained tremendous perspective in this arena as it connected me with thought leaders, assisted in developing my GIS skills, and revealed the value of spatial thinking through […]

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  • Risa Hiser

    Risa Hiser

    One of the greatest aspects of working for SCG was the hands on experience and opportunity to learn from community based projects. As a community initiative, all projects addressed concerns of local organizations which meant you were not only applying GIS learned in the classroom but you were also learning new GIS skills and research […]

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  • Samantha Poccia

    Samantha Poccia

    I am currently living in Boston and I work for Communispace Corporation, a market research agency. I am an Associate Consultant and I work with Fortune 500 companies to bring them closer to their consumers. I work on 3 account teams, and also am part of our Innovation team. The Innovation team runs full-day in-person […]

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  • Elizabeth Hayes

    Elizabeth Hayes

    Elizabeth is a double major with Geography and Citizenship & Civic Engagement. On campus, she is active in University 100. As a part of this organization, she provides campus tours to prospective students and their families and assists the office of admissions with various tasks. Elizabeth has been a part of the Syracuse University/ESF chapter […]

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  • Erin Carhart

    Erin Carhart

    After learning of this program through one of my professors in the Public Affairs Department, I began working with Syracuse Community Geography in the fall of 2012. SCG sets itself apart from other research programs because of its firm approach in community based research. As a lifelong resident of Onondaga County, I have always felt […]

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  • Alaina Mallette

    Alaina Mallette

    I am an alumna of the Geography Undergraduate Program (circa 2013). I first became acquainted with Syracuse Community Geography in the spring of 2013. A course intrigued me simply by its title: Community Geography. I have always wanted to work directly with communities in one way or another. This course really helped me explore this […]

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  • Lucas Barros-Correia

    Lucas Barros-Correia

    I learned about the SCG undergraduate internship program when Jonnell came to speak in my Urban Geography class about internship opportunities. I was inspired to apply because I saw the potential to contribute to projects that are related to my studies and that would help community-based organizations accomplish their goals. So far, I’ve researched topics […]

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  • Thor Ritz

    Thor Ritz

    Graduate Student, Department of Geography, Syracuse University Community Geography GA from AY 2011-2013

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  • Yi Yu

    Yi Yu

    Graduate Student, Department of Geography, Syracuse University Community Geography GA for AY 2012-13

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  • Pat Oberle

    Pat Oberle

    I learned about SCG when I came to Syracuse in 2012 as a grad student and took the Community Geography class in the spring of 2013. I had worked on community-based projects before as an undergrad and have always been interested in community activism and volunteering. SCG was appealing because it allowed me to combine […]

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