Find maps and data

Students are welcome to download GIS datasets and maps, and to use our online mapping tool, MapSyracuse, for their independent research and class projects. Use the search tools on the Maps, Data & Profiles page.

Contribute maps and data

Students can help to build the SCG spatial data repository by contributing local GIS datasets and maps. Contributed datasets and maps will be used by community partners and students alike to advance geographic research. Visit the Maps, Data & Profiles page to learn more.

Other GIS Resources

We have compiled a list of websites which host a variety of GIS resources, ranging from free online GIS instruction and software to GIS career databases. Click here to see the list.

Get Involved


Undergraduate students interested in community development, urban planning or social justice are encouraged to apply for the Community Geography Internship Program. Interns support a diverse set of community-based research projects. Students from any university or major are invited to apply, although Geography majors with GIS experience are given preference. Most interns are eligible for course or experience credit and a few paid internships are available. More information is available here. Interested students should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form


SCG offers several courses open to graduate and undergraduate students. These courses include:

  • GEO 300: Urban Social Justice
  • GEO 300: Countermapping
  • GEO 484/684: Urban GIS
  • GEO 485/685: Community Geography
    Theory and Practice
  • GEO 489/689: Community Geography
  • GEO 600: Participatory Research Methods


SCG projects benefit from the assistance of community and university volunteers. Whether you are a high school or university student, a community activist, or a retiree, you can share your expertise. Skills that are particularly helpful to SCG include GIS, cartography, GPS, Google Maps, photography, journalism, web design, and data analysis. Students interested in fulfilling service learning requirements or internship hours for a course should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form

Current Student Profiles

  • Lauren Ashby

    Lauren Ashby

    I am a Masters student in Geography and the Environment and the Graduate Research Assistant in Community Geography for the 2021- 2023 academic years. My own research is situated between the areas of community geography and critical geographies of education and I use participatory methodologies to examine issues of segregation, space, equity, and access within […]

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  • Michael Cabal

    Michael Cabal

    I’m a junior double majoring in Geography and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy. I’m passionate about the ways we can visualize community-related geographies in the space of environmental justice. I’m originally from the Central New York region and reconnecting with the broader initiatives of SCG has sparked my interest in furthering my understanding of the Syracuse […]

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  • Christopher Jude Scanlon

    Christopher Jude Scanlon

    I am a senior Majoring in Geography with a focus on Environment and Society. I am currently working on updating the Morningside Cultural Trails. As someone who grew up in Syracuse, I am excited to be working so close with my community. I hope my experience with Syracuse Community Geography will be mutually beneficial to the surrounding community and my own learning process.  

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  • Daniel Cavalier

    Daniel Cavalier

    I am a senior majoring in Geography and the Environment with an interest in immigrant and refugee studies. Syracuse Community Geography will help me learn about the Syracuse community, as well as provide me with the skills I need to be able to help me in my career. Through this course, I hope to help […]

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  • Isabella Kopilak

    Isabella Kopilak

    I am a senior majoring in Geography and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy, focusing on sustainable development and urban agriculture. Since graduating high school, I have spent my summers helping manage community gardens in my hometown of New York City, planning layouts and educational children’s programs on sustainable food practices and sustainability in a large city […]

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  • Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

    My name is Michael Kelly (he/him/his). I’m a second year PhD student in geography. My research interests focus on political economy, urban geography, and housing justice. Particularly, I’m interested in how US real estate markets relate to systems of whiteness, racial capitalism, settler colonialism, and US imperialism. I’m currently working on a community-engaged project to […]

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  • Hailey Salmonsen

    Hailey Salmonsen

    I am a senior majoring in Political Science and Geography with a concentration in Comparative Politics. After graduating, I am pursuing my JD and hope to start a career in public interest. I am interested in the relationship between politics and geography and how geography can be used to better understand and highlight human rights […]

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  • Surya Vaidy

    Surya Vaidy

    Hello! My name is Surya and I’m a Geography & Environment, Sustainability, and Policy (ESP) student with a minor in Photo, Video, and Design. I am extremely fascinated with the relationship between geography and visual communications, and how we can use photography, videography, and design to express information in easily understandable and approachable ways. Visual […]

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  • Anna Comstock

    Anna Comstock

    My name is Anna Comstock and I am a senior geography major with a minor in Spanish. I am very passionate about service, along with women’s rights and reproductive justice. As a member of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Theta I have had the privilege to be a part of a group of sharp-minded, leading people […]

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  • Eleanor Weinzapfel

    Eleanor Weinzapfel

    I am a senior majoring in Environment, Sustainability, and Policy and Geography with a minor in Spanish. I am interested in environmental justice in general, but more specifically in the Midwest. My favorite classes at Syracuse have challenged me to think differently about the world, our history, and the history of city planning. Back home, […]

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  • Xiaoyang Du

    Xiaoyang Du

    I am a Junior Philosophy and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy major with a focus on environmental policy studies. I am working to improve my understanding of community-level geography and environmental projects, familiarize myself with the fundamental operation mode of grassroots environmental projects, and learn GIS-related knowledge. I believe the internship experience in SCG can greatly […]

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  • Ellie Allen

    Ellie Allen

    I am a freshman majoring in Citizenship and Civic Engagement with a planned second major in Policy Studies. Last semester, Fall 2022, I took a Geography class that sparked my interest in environmental justice. This led to further interest in the ways that both outdoor spaces and built infrastructure in communities can be made more […]

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  • Heather Baran

    Heather Baran

    I am a junior Geography and ESP [Environmental, Sustainability & Policy] major with an interest in Urban Planning.  I am passionate about redefining how to approach planning equitably and sustainably.  With an emphasis on promoting more community education, outreach, and involvement.  Through this internship, I’m excited to assist SCG in aiding the greater Syracuse community, […]

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  • Amelia Thibault

    Amelia Thibault

    I am a junior majoring in Geography and History. I am focused on studying urban space, justice and culture. Last summer, I was a research assistant for a project that focused on understanding the planetary history of the Tree of Heaven. I am currently developing my senior thesis project which will strive to understand the […]

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Former Students

Former Students

Former Students