Find maps and data

Students are welcome to download GIS datasets and maps, and to use our online mapping tool, MapSyracuse, for their independent research and class projects. Use the search tools on the Maps, Data & Profiles page.

Contribute maps and data

Students can help to build the SCG spatial data repository by contributing local GIS datasets and maps. Contributed datasets and maps will be used by community partners and students alike to advance geographic research. Visit the Maps, Data & Profiles page to learn more.

Other GIS Resources

We have compiled a list of websites which host a variety of GIS resources, ranging from free online GIS instruction and software to GIS career databases. Click here to see the list.

Get Involved


Undergraduate students interested in community development, urban planning or social justice are encouraged to apply for the Community Geography Internship Program. Interns support a diverse set of community-based research projects. Students from any university or major are invited to apply, although Geography majors with GIS experience are given preference. Most interns are eligible for course or experience credit and a few paid internships are available. More information is available here. Interested students should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form


SCG offers several courses open to graduate and undergraduate students. These courses include:

  • GEO 300: Urban Social Justice
  • GEO 300: Countermapping
  • GEO 484/684: Urban GIS
  • GEO 485/685: Community Geography
    Theory and Practice
  • GEO 489/689: Community Geography
  • GEO 600: Participatory Research Methods


SCG projects benefit from the assistance of community and university volunteers. Whether you are a high school or university student, a community activist, or a retiree, you can share your expertise. Skills that are particularly helpful to SCG include GIS, cartography, GPS, Google Maps, photography, journalism, web design, and data analysis. Students interested in fulfilling service learning requirements or internship hours for a course should complete the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form

Current Student Profiles

  • Amanda Beavin

    Amanda Beavin

    I am a dual masters student studying Geography and Public Administration at the Maxwell School. I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and I attended Western Kentucky University for undergrad, where I earned a BA in Sociology and a BS in Geography and Environmental Studies. During my time in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I started becoming active in […]

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  • Jenna Muschong

    Jenna Muschong

    I am a senior at Syracuse University, majoring in Real Estate with minors in Geography and Landscape Architecture at SUNY-ESF. I have a passion for urban planning and I am specifically interested in land use planning, smart growth, and public/private development. I’m originally from Lexington, KY and served as a research intern this past summer […]

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  • Amanda Hunt

    Amanda Hunt

    I am a Masters student in Environmental Studies at SUNY-ESF. My research focuses on the tensions and conflicts provoked by the “green” energy transition. More specifically, I am studying how local and Native community members were involved in the permitting/planning process for the largest lithium mine in the United States, Thacker Pass Mine, which is […]

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  • Rebecca Dresnack

    Rebecca Dresnack

    I am a junior Geography and ESP (Environment, Sustainability, and Policy) double major with a minor in real estate. I am passionate about urban space, with specific interests in the history of urban planning and the equitability of cities. Being from Upstate New York, I am excited to be a part of SCG for my […]

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  • Jordan Kakuyo

    Jordan Kakuyo

    Hello! My name is Jordan Kakuyo and currently, I am a senior pursuing degrees in Geography and Earth Sciences. My passion lies in harnessing geospatial technology to address real-world challenges. From understanding the intricacies of climate change to navigating urban development issues, I’m driven to contribute solutions through data-driven approaches. As I look to grow […]

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  • Jennifer Diaz

    Jennifer Diaz

    I am a senior pursuing degrees in Geography and Environment, Sustainability, Policy because of my passions in environmental justice and urban ecology in underserved communities. As a Bolivian-American, I have seen numerous ways in which the people in Bolivia are severely undervalued even in the scopes of Latin America. On an international level, I want […]

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  • Amelia Thibault

    Amelia Thibault

    I am a senior majoring in Geography and History. I am continuing my work on digitally documenting the history of Onondaga Earth Corps using GIS and Storymaps. I am also working on my Distinction project, which will strive to understand the accessibility of urban green spaces in Philadelphia.

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Former Students

Former Students

Former Students