Student Profile

Rachelle Berry

I’m a first year graduate student in the Geography program. I received my undergraduate degree in gender studies and sociology from California Polytechnic State University. My graduate research interests are in food systems, sustainable development, and participatory GIS.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree I worked as the Sustainability Coordinator at Northern Arizona University on renewable energy, campus sustainability, and student outreach. I am interested in the relationship participatory GIS can have with organizations working to create food security. I plan to investigate the strong relationship between institutions working on food security and SCG. By using SCG as a lens to study food security initiatives, I hope to better understand geospatial analyses on food systems and food security in Syracuse.

I’m very excited to be working with the Community Geography program as a new project with the CNY Food Bank is developing. After I finish my Master’s degree I would like to continue the work of sharing access to geospatial technology and analysis for low-income communities.