Student Profile

Chante Williams

I am a senior in the Geography program here at SU. Throughout the years, public advocacy has been my passion. While I initially intended to go into the criminal justice field to be able to give closure to families who have been affected by violent crime, my love of nature and environmental conservation won out and led me to pursue a BA in Geography instead. I grew up in a rural town in Trinidad and Tobago and saw first-hand the cycle of poverty, systemic violence and the effects laissez faire governance has on marginalized communities. In the spring of 2016, Anne Mosher, a professor in the Geography Department, taught me how valuable and effective community based work can be at fostering change. I hope to continue that work here at Community Geography and learn how to take an innovative approach to geospatial and cultural issues plaguing our community, so that one day I can apply those lessons to my native community.