Student Profile

Kristopher Walton

My name is Kristopher Walton and I am a first year graduate student in Geography. I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography from Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, IL. I did undergraduate research on issues of Food Insecurity and Food Access in Chicago. Being from Chicago and growing up in a food insecure community was what really cultivated my passion for wanting to do whatever I can to change the dynamic in my community and others like it. After graduating, I interned for a mobile grocer by the name of Crisp! Mobile Grocery which was a social enterprise supported by Catholic Charities. As the outreach and community service associate, I was tasked with engaging with and educating food insecure communities about the effects of poor food access.
Now, as a graduate student working with Community Geography, I am excited to continue engaging the community and learning about the best ways to help them when it comes to accessing better food options. It will be great to not only learn more academically about the issues of Food Insecurity but also learn from members of the community about how we can best help them.