Student Profile

Madeline Gould

I am currently a Sophomore at SU, pursuing a degree in Earth Science and minors in Environment and Society and Education Studies. I have also been thinking about adding a double major in Geography. When I heard about Syracuse Community Geography through Professor Robert M. Wilson, a professor in the Geography Department, I was intrigued by all of the projects, and figured it would be a great opportunity to gain more experience in the field of Geography. I look forward to joining the team, and applying my background experience and the material I study to the community of Syracuse. I have always been interested in environmental education, environmental history, waste management and sustainability. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a Masters in Science Education, and potentially Geography. I aspire to be an Environmental Educator through Geography, Earth Science and Environmental Science, through formal and informal capacities. I also aspire to work with communities through schools, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies to create a more sustainable way of living.