Maps, Data & Profiles

This page provides access to maps, spatial datasets and community profiles created with and for our local community partners. It also provides access to useful external maps, data sources and interactive mapping tools. Search by theme, geography or project. Don’t forget to cite your sources!

Unless otherwise noted, all downloadable data sets were created by Syracuse Community Geography. Data sources are listed in the file descriptions.

We’d love to hear how you’re using the maps and data provided here (and your feedback helps us to justify the program). Please share your feedback with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does SCG get its data?

    Data come from many sources. Sometimes we work with our community partners to create new data (e.g. designing an assessment tool to evaluate safe routes to school). We regularly use US Census and American Community Survey data to map demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. We also get data from local municipal agency partners including the City of Syracuse, Syracuse Onondaga County Planning Agency and Onondaga County Departments of Health and Social Services. Our community partners also provide their own data for mapping and analysis.

  • How do I find the data sources for maps and datasets?

    Data sources for maps created by SCG should be printed on the map. Metadata for all SCG spatial datasets is included in the zipped data file as a PDF, XML, DOC or TXT file. If you cannot find or are unsure of a map or dataset’s sources, please contact us.

  • Are there any disclaimers or stipulations for using the maps and data?

    Yes. No data are perfect. We often work with secondary data sources and cannot entirely vouch for their accuracy, currency or completeness, so don’t hold us responsible for errors. We provide data and maps to the public “as is”. Older maps and datasets may not reflect the current reality so pay attention to dates. Data become outdated quickly. US Census Bureau American Community Survey data often have high margins of error. To learn more, read our Disclaimer.

  • I can’t find the maps or data I’m interested in. What should I do?

    Community members or organizations can request a project . If we are unable to take on your project, we may be able to refer you to other resources and sources of maps and data.

  • How are maps made?

    Most of the time, maps are created using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. We use ESRI’s ArcGIS.

  • How can I contribute maps and data from my research project to the SCG maps and data repository?

    Don’t let your data and maps collect dust! Contact us to share your data and information. Data sharing helps everyone do better research. You’ll receive full credit for your work. Contributed maps and data must contain metadata or data dictionaries.

  • How does SCG handle data sharing for sensitive data?

    We don’t share sensitive data. Period.

  • What is MapSyracuse?

    MapSyracuse is our new interactive web-based mapping tool containing mapped data specific to Onondaga County, NY. MapSyracuse is powered by Esri's ArcGIS Online and is a free resource that allows users to select from over 100 layers of data to create, save and print customized maps at scales ranging from a neighborhood block to the county. Click here to read our tutorial. 

  • How can I donate to or sponsor Syracuse Community Geography Program activities?

    Please contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.