Student Profile

Anthony Walker

I am a first year graduate student in Geography interested in developing research that is geared toward addressing real-world issues using critical geographic analysis. I received my undergraduate degree in Geography from Vassar College. My undergraduate research was on the effects of food insecurity on residents in the City of Poughkeepsie (where Vassar College is located). I was also able to serve as an education and outreach intern for Poughkeepsie Farm Project, an urban farm working towards environmental and food justice in the City. This experience allowed me to combine critical research with practical and immediate action. That is how I became interested in the community geography program.

As a student, first at Vassar College, and now at Syracuse University, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the richest educational resources in the country. However, I have also seen that these resources often do not extend far beyond the campus boundaries. SCG provides me with the unique opportunity to engage with community members and local organizations in order to share the critical research approaches that I am learning about in my classes.