Student Profile

Jane Mulcahy

I am a first year Masters student in the geography department and have just begun my graduate assistantship with the Syracuse Community Geography program. I first learned about the SCG program as an undergraduate geography student here at Syracuse University. After I graduated in 2010, I worked in a variety of capacities including promoting geography education at National Geographic, researching and teaching for two different school garden education non-profits, and managing an adventure guiding company in Alaska.

My research interests here at SU include agricultural history in the upstate and central New York regions, and how changes in agricultural landscapes have impacted not only the livelihoods of the people living in those areas but also their relationships with and perspectives on food. I would also love to find comparisonse or links between past agricultural trends and the present food system in the upstate and central New York regions.

I am interested in working with SCG because it is a unique, practical, and useful application of my geographic lens that will allow me to mix my intellectual interests with hands-on community interaction and connection. I am excited to be back in the city of Syracuse to assist local organizations with improving their communities using spatial and social analysis, and learn more about the food geographies of the region through my work with SCG.