Student Profile

Chiara Klein

SCG initially presented itself to me as a flexible, creative way to fulfill requirements within my minor, but has since evolved to be a distinctive opportunity to combine my interests and skills in ways that matter to me and to the broader community.

Geography as a discipline, and especially community geography, was largely unfamiliar to me at first, but I nonetheless felt very supported in linking up with SCG. My driving interests are climate change and better understanding the human-environment coupled system, and my work in these realms has consisted primarily of activism and community organizing, as well as some environmental writing; SCG has given me a space to not only hone these skills, but to develop new ones as well. I have had the opportunity to conduct formal research, collaborate with other interns on project development, engage with members of the community doing similar work, and contribute to the formation of a dynamic project that fills a need. Working on a story map of New American engagement with community farming and gardening has enabled me to know this community in ways I never thought I would. I deeply hope that the work done on this project will allow for growth and further strengthening of programs like the ones that exist currently for the New American populations.

Syracuse Community Geography does an excellent job of fulfilling its mission to scholarship and community engagement, and is an incredibly worthy pursuit for any student with wide-ranging interests and a desire to immerse themselves in holistic projects.