Childcare in Onondaga County (2007)

Project Summary

In 2006, Child Care Solutions partnered with Syracuse Community Geography to determine the geographic accessibility of child care in Onondaga County. They were curious if there were enough child care centers in Onondaga County, licensed care for children in low income neighborhoods, and child care providers who operated during non-traditional business hours. Syracuse Community Geography mapped child care providers in the county, including licensed child care centers, Head Start program centers, and group/family home care centers. The study determined that low income neighborhoods did not have easy access to child care centers to address present need, UPK programs and Head Start programs were under-enrolled, and that outside of Syracuse home and off-hour care was not easily accessible. These findings were presented to a panel of {XX} and informed recommendations were made to improve childcare availability.

This initial study has led to a continued partnership with the organization, and a more recent assessment of child care in Onondaga County was conducted in 2013.