Age-Friendly Central New York

Project Summary

  • Community Partners
  • Geographic Scope

    Greater Central New York region

  • Project Start Date

    September 2013

In Fall 2013, Syracuse Community Geography participated in an initiative spearheaded by FOCUS Greater Syracuse to develop a vision for an age-friendly Central New York. The goal of the project is to develop policy recommendations for municipalities in CNY grappling with the needs of an aging population. As in most other areas of the country, the expected retirement of the Baby Boomer generation is likely to cause unprecedented stresses and create new opportunities for local communities as historic numbers of people withdraw from working life. To better understand this issue, FOCUS brought together community leaders, activists, and government officials to examine how various age groups use services, travel, and live in CNY. SCG’s participation included mapping socio-demographics of the aging population, measuring and mapping migration patterns of retirees into and out of CNY communities, and mapping survey responses. More information about FOCUS Greater Syracuse‚Äôs initiative to assess the implications of an aging population on CNY can be found here.