Onondaga County Literacy Mapping

Project Summary

  • Community Partner

    Family Literacy Alliance of Greater Syracuse (FLAGS)

  • Geographic Scope

    Onondaga County, NY

  • Project Commence Date


In 2007 the Family Literacy Alliance of Greater Syracuse (FLAGS) teamed up with Syracuse Community Geography to examine literacy in Onondaga County. The project aimed to identify, survey and map formal and informal literacy program providers in the county against several criteria (i.e. literacy rates, age, household income, poverty, race, English language ability, unemployment, etc.) to analyze the geographic relationship between service availability, accessibility and community need. By mapping these literacy programs (e.g. Universal Pre-kindergarten, GED preparation programs, workplace literacy, and volunteer literacy initiatives), we hoped to call attention to gaps in services provided so that need could be seen and addressed. Along with the maps, SCG was able to create an online directory of literacy services available in the county, and the survey tool created to assess literacy programs was handed to providers in the county. The results were shared with participants in the literacy taskforce at a public presentation and with the newly created Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County. The study’s conclusions and recommendations helped guide the development of local literacy priorities.