Exploring the Morningside Cultural Trails: Story Map

Project Summary

In spring 2015, Syracuse Community Geographers began working with Paul Harvey, an active local community organizer, to create the Morningside Cultural trail maps. These trails were put into a Storymap online using ArcGIS Online by SCG interns in fall of 2017. The Morningside trails travel over 7 miles of east Syracuse, and include the History trail, Cultural trail, Tree Trail, Ed Smith Stairs, and the new Public Arts trail. Each trail has its own map, and each point on the maps has a description of its historic, cultural, scientific, or artistic significance. Through StoryMap, users are able to access this link on their smartphone to guide them through the trails.

In the fall of 2017, student interns inputted data gathered from previous interns for the Kiosk Map into ArcGIS Online to create the Storymap, and wrote the descriptions for all points of interest. In the fall of 2018, interns did the same with the Public Arts trail using previously gathered data. Enjoy the story!