Morningside Cultural Trails Maps

Project Summary

Syracuse Community Geographers began working with Paul Harvey and neighborhood groups on Syracuse’s eastside to create the Morningside Cultural Trail Maps in 2015. Over time, the number of trail maps have expanded and evolved from paper maps to digital story maps accessible to users on mobile devices. Most recent additions include the Oakwood Cemetery Tree Trail. Created in Fall 2020, the tree trail highlights unique and rare tree species in Oakwood Cemetery. In Fall 2021, student interns updated several of the trail maps on a new ArcGIS StoryMap platform. All Morningside trails are now accessible in one place. In Spring 2023. interns updated the public arts pathways portion of the trail network.

The Morningside trails comprise 11 trails that travel over 10 miles of Syracuse’s eastside. Each trail highlights historic, cultural, scientific, or artistic significance. Trail users can access the maps on their smartphone (Chrome works best) and use GPS functionality for easy navigation.