Morningside Cultural Trail Kiosk Map

Project Summary

  • Community Partner

    Morningside Cultural Trails

  • Geographic Scope

    Syracuse, NY

  • Project Commence Date

    January 2015

In Spring 2015, Syracuse Community Geography students worked with Paul Harvey, a local urban trail enthusiast, to produce a trail map for the Morningside Cultural Trails. The Morningside trail network includes over 7 miles of walking trails on Syracuse’s eastside. The 5-mile main trail connects Oakwood Cemetery, Morningside Park, Syracuse University, Ed Smith School and Barry Park. Morningside Cultural Trails is a coalition of the Syracuse Parks Department, community groups, neighborhood associations, schools and universities, that collaboratively maintains the trails. The trails traverse three neighborhoods, highlighting ​their many cultural, historic, literary, artistic, scientific, and recreational treasures. In addition to the 5-mile main trail, the network includes a 5-k route, tree trail, and history trail through Oakwood Cemetery, a nature trail leading up an old stone stairway, the “Monday Mile,” and a loop around Meadowbrook Pond.

Using handheld GPS, student interns mapped trails and points of interest. GPS data were inputted into ArcGIS and combined with land use data. Adobe Illustrator was used for cartographic design. The completed trail map can be found in the Barry Park and Ed Smith Elementary School kiosks. Go explore!