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Crime Data at Neighborhood Level in Syracuse, NY (2012)

Posted: September 16, 2013    /   Created: April 17, 2013

Crime data were downloaded from the Syracuse Police department’s neighborhood crime reports; website:

To obtain the 2012 crime incidence totals for every neighborhood, crimes reported each quarter were manually entered into Excel and then summed for the year. The primary limit of the crime dataset, as with all crime data, is that it contains only reported crimes. Some crimes go unreported to the police. The Federal Bureau’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) Program, responsible for constructing comprehensive crime reports compiled from police agencies throughout the country, asserts that approximately two-thirds of crimes go unreported (Uniform Crime Reports, 2013). Furthermore, certain communities may be more likely than others to report crimes. If such a scenario is true locally, the data and analysis would be skewed.

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