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Category: Land Use

  • Public Participation in Urban Projects

    Posted: February 13, 2014

    In Rotterdam, Netherlands, the city government has been funding resident supported projects that are defining the city’s landscape. Each year, the government gives between 2-4 million euros to a project as part of its City Initiative. The funded project this year was a public ice-skating rink, however bids for next years funds include a plan to turn food waste into biogas and electricity and another to provide job opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Read about the … Read more

  • Think About Your Urban Trees Before Planting Them, Research Says

    Posted: December 6, 2013

    Several recent studies have been done to check the impact of planting trees in urban environments. We here at Syracuse Community Geography conducted this study of urban forestry efforts in Syracuse last year as well.

    This article examines multiple studies conclusions on urban forestry and tree cover, analyzing what the best and most cost efficient practices are when it comes to planting trees in an urban environment. Check it out here

  • Fighting the Vacant Property Plague

    Posted: November 22, 2013

    As a result of a community organization’s action in Youngstown, Ohio, a new bill has been passed which forces banks to pay $10,000 in cash bonds for foreclosed properties that remain vacant in an effort to keep property maintained and reduce neighborhood blight. Read about the organization, the bill and its impact here.

  • Wheeling, WV’s Code Enforcement Strategy Contends With a Graying City

    Posted: October 17, 2013

    We’ve done several projects (Locating Quality and Affordable Housing, Housing Demolition, Vacancy and Tenure Patterns in Syracuse, NY) to map vacant properties in Syracuse for organizations combating neighborhood blight through renewal. Wheeling, WV has enacted a policy to penalize absentee landlords and rid neighborhoods of vacant properties by starting a Vacant Property Registration Program, which charges fees for properties that are not maintained. See how the system works here.