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Yearly Archive: 2013

  • GIS Helps Support World Food Program’s Food Security Program

    Posted: November 7, 2013

    The World Food Programme, the food assistance branch of the United Nations, has been using GIS to assess food security in at risk countries. They also use GIS to prepare for and help mitigate the effects of disaster events. Learn more about how they use technology here.

  • The State of Preschool (Report)

    Posted: October 30, 2013

    The National Institute for Early Education Research has published their yearly update on early education in the U.S., with data from the 2011-2012 school year. Some important figures from the report include:

    Funding for preschool went down by over $500 million.

    1.3 Million children attended state-funded preschool’s.

    New York State Pre-K programs met 7/10 education benchmarks.

    To see the full report, click on this link.

  • First-ever census reveals growing popularity of Farm to School program

    Posted: October 29, 2013

    According to a study released by the USDA, more then 40% of the U.S. public school districts are participating in the national Farm to School program, which has schools buy produce from local farms for school meals and educates students about healthy foods. Read more about the Farm to School program and the study results here

  • New Food Co-Op Open in Syracuse

    Posted: October 27, 2013

    On October 15th, the Eat to Live Co-Op opened on Syracuse’s South Side, addressing food access issues in the area. Read about it here, and check out our updated map of food deserts in Syracuse in the Popular Maps & Data section of our site.

  • Daycare’s New Deal

    Posted: October 23, 2013

    Access to early childhood education is an issue in Syracuse, something we’ve analysed here at SCG .  An organization called Educare is helping to solve this access problem by opening several centers in Milwaukee and other cities. See what they do here.

  • Wheeling, WV’s Code Enforcement Strategy Contends With a Graying City

    Posted: October 17, 2013

    We’ve done several projects (Locating Quality and Affordable Housing, Housing Demolition, Vacancy and Tenure Patterns in Syracuse, NY) to map vacant properties in Syracuse for organizations combating neighborhood blight through renewal. Wheeling, WV has enacted a policy to penalize absentee landlords and rid neighborhoods of vacant properties by starting a Vacant Property Registration Program, which charges fees for properties that are not maintained. See how the system works here.

  • Fall 2013 Online Courses

    Posted: October 16, 2013

    We make an effort to put up online courses which teach a variety of GIS skills on our GIS Resource page. If you’re curious about classes which teach other useful technical skills or about popular topics in geography, check out this article which links to several MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Course’s).